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Tuesday, October 19, A.D. 2010

An Episcopalian parish in the Anglican diocese of Pittsburgh invites everyone to attend its “Seusscharist” this coming Friday evening. The parish advertises thus:

With brains in your head and feet in your shoes
Please come to Calvary from any direction you choose.

Friday, October 22 will be the day.
Fun is waiting, so get on your way.

We’ll have a light supper and share together
A little Seuss fun, no matter the weather.

A movie, and popcorn, and stories, too.
We’ll finish with a Seusscharist designed just for you.

Five thirty is the time that we will start.
We know you will join us, if you are smart.

Weezie is the one that you should call
She’ll take reservations for family, friends and all.

Age is no limit, bottom or top.
We know that our gathering won’t be a flop.

Have any questions you’d like to ask?
Just call Adele. She’s up to the task.

Those Episcopalians . . . “Communion” for dogs, rainbow flags, lesbian priestesses, clown liturgies, and now Dr. Seuss style “Eucharistic” services.

A couple of weeks ago, I was returning from the liturgy on the bus when a large group of Anglicans boarded. They had just come from their Sunday service and were quite jolly. An older couple was getting to know several younger people who apparently had just started attending the parish. As they discussed various stuff that white people like, I noticed that they were carrying folded poster boards. When we approached the White House, the group stood up and celebrated their having successfully navigated the bus route to their destination. I thought that perhaps they were going to visit Saint John’s for an interparochial Anglican function, but then I noticed a large group of demonstrators in Lafayette Square. I then understood that they intended to rally, and I wished to know which subversive cause they were to champion that Sunday afternoon. I asked the older lady, and she said that they were rallying to raise awareness for climate change and to encourage the White House to install solar panels. She politely invited me to come along, and I thanked her and declined. Given the state of the Anglican communion today, a rally to support solar panels was as innocuous an assembly as one could hope for. What would Cranmer think of his children?

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, October 19, Anno Domini 2010
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