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Monday, May 9, A.D. 2011
Seuss, Star Wars, and the United Kingdom

My brother Aaron sent me a link to the following charmer by Adam Watson, “Dr. Seuss Does Star Wars.” It combines two childish worlds that I happen to love.

Mr. Watson’s site is titled The Mighty Adam. I bet that our other brother Adam would rather fancy that moniker.

Concerning matters much less exciting than Whos and tauntauns, I attended my fifth European Union embassy open house this past Saturday. I was happy to see that interest in the event does not seem to have waned; people continue to visit. I spent most of my time this year at the British Embassy. The Brits gave out free sturdy shopping sacks to visitors, and the fellow in front of me in the entrance line was holding an Irish sack. An embassy lady who was passing out the bags with the Union Jack on them put his Irish sack in the British bag, saying that such made him look more respectable. I laughed and enjoyed her shameless display of lighthearted nationalism. The poor woman would have probably been jailed had she been back in the mother country for making such a jingoist joke. Such is the sorry state of Albion today.

I walked the delightful garden tour there for the third year in a row. Most people quickly walk through, oblivious to the splendid horticultural collection, but I use the opportunity to learn more about gardening. I ask the gardeners many questions, and they happily oblige. It is much easier to learn about the plants in a garden than in a book, and a real garden gives you a much better idea of a particular plant’s character than potted individuals at a nursery. One British plant fact that I learnt was that the daffodil was the flower of Wales. I knew about the English rose, the Scottish thistle, and the Irish shamrock, but I did not know about the Welsh daffodil.

Like years before, I took advantage of engaging many genial Brits, from butlers to military officers to representatives of the various nations of Britain. Of these, I always find the fellows from Northern Ireland the most interesting. I have never been to Ulster, and I am curious about its peculiar history. May they continue to have peace. Anyway, the embassy visit always makes me miss the islands. I love the United Kingdom dearly, and I sincerely wish its people well. Rule, Britannia!

Posted by Joseph on Monday, May 9, Anno Domini 2011
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