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Wednesday, March 11, A.D. 2009
Sartorial Musings

Clothing is important, I suppose. Consider the sage Mark Twain:

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

The internet, like my old encyclopedia books, allows me to indulge my endless curiosity. Whether I wish to spend countless hours exploring the evolution of Aryan languages, the dynastic histories of the Far East, or the maddening jargon of Anglophone analytic philosophy, the web facilitates my non-wasting of time. Yesterday, I got on a men’s fashion history kick. I never knew the intricacies of formal dress—the rules are quite elaborate. Moreover, I learnt the cultural, regional, and class significance of Tudor bonnets, flat caps, top hats, and bowlers. I discovered that fedoras were exclusively worn by women for decades before men started wearing them. I even read about various theories that describe why we wear what we wear and how. For example, King Edward VII’s rotundity may explain the rule that men ought not to fasten the bottom button of suit coats.

The Black Tie Guide and Ask Andy about Clothes have a lot of interesting information. You may also wish to visit the amusing WASP101 that treats the W.A.S.P. aesthetic or The Trad that aspires to capture some lost degenerate bourgeois playboy ground. Permanent Style appears to have a more balanced perspective of men’s fashion.

I admit that these sites embarrass my slovenly soul; they remind me just how much of an unrefined peasant I really am. As my paternal ancestors were tailors, I should have more sartorial sense. Were I rich, I would be a dapper dresser. Isn’t that the most reliable excuse in history for one’s shortcomings?

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, March 11, Anno Domini 2009
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