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Wednesday, January 23, A.D. 2013
Saint Francis de Sales in Muskegon

Yesterday, I mentioned the Orthodox Church of the Third Caprican Fleet in “Cypriot Mothership.” Today, in the spirit of ecumenical misery, I offer you the Roman Catholic parish of Saint Francis de Sales in Muskegon, Michigan. You may take a virtual tour on the parochial web site to get a closer look at this Massassi Temple. See, I suspect that the church is where George Lucas filmed the award ceremony on Yavin 4 at the end of A New Hope. I report; you decide:

Saint Francis de Sales:

I shall say this for the design—it is bold and unrelenting. It pleases one’s inner fascist rather well. Next up, we shall discuss whether the Air Force Academy Chapel belongs in Colorado Springs or in Coruscant . . .

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, January 23, Anno Domini 2013
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