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Wednesday, February 12, A.D. 2014
Sacred Road

A blessed synaxis of the Three Holy Hierarchs! Saints Basil, Gregory the Theologian (Nazianzus), and John Chrysostom are some of my favorite people.

Russian-themed posting continues on Arimathea in honor of the Olympic Games. Last year, I watched a Russia Today segment about the Velikoretsky Procession of the Cross—the largest annual pilgrimage in Russia in which thousands of pilgrims walk one hundred miles together over five days. The story is well done except for the voice actors Russia Today uses for its English translations.

Many happy and fruitful years to Nicholas and Helen!

The Saint Nicholas Center has a page devoted to the pilgrimage with much information and several photographs: “40,000 Pilgrims on the Velikoretsky Way of St. Nicholas.”

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, February 12, Anno Domini 2014
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