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Friday, July 2, A.D. 2010
Ruttledge on English Accents

Sean Ruttledge has an interesting, little video on English accents. The first part, shown below, deals with British accents, and the second part, not shown, deals with accents from the overseas colonies. I did not find the American and Canadian accent impersonations as well done, but if you wish to see the whole thing, you may watch it on Dailymotion. Here are the Brits:

Mr. Seanie’s presentation is somewhat annoying at times, but I find dialect variation fascinating. I imagine that accents everywhere have evolved over the last several centuries, but I wonder if the particular British origin of Anglophone overseas settlers determined the accent of the colonists. Is there some regional relationship between different colonial accents and parts of the British Isles?

Posted by Joseph on Friday, July 2, Anno Domini 2010
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