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Tuesday, October 12, A.D. 2010
Russian Orthodox YouTube

The Moscow Patriarchate has a YouTube channel with dozens of videos: RussianChurch. Most of the videos are coverage of Patriarch Kirill’s public pastoral activities, but others are programs from Orthodox television, such the Church and World segments. It is good to see Moscow offer more internet resources.

I must admit once again how wrong I was to worry about the election of Kirill to the patriarchate. From all accounts, he fulfills his duties well. Moreover, he seems well suited to the modern media age, and he appears to be really enjoying his pastoral duties. Of course, we want sanctity, piety, and orthodoxy in our bishops. However, some media showmanship and charisma are useful qualitiies for a hierarch to have when presenting the gospel to the unchurched. Patriarch Kirill usually has a twinkle in his eye; he seems completely at ease in his position. He is a natural leader and a diplomat. If the recently reposed Patriarch Alexy was God’s instrument in leading the Russian Church from Communist oppression to the spiritual reawakening of the Motherland, then Kirill may be an appropriate tool for using every available resource to evangelize in the post-Soviet age.

The following videos are just a small sample. This, for instance, is coverage of the patriarch’s visit to the beautiful Holy Trinity - Saint Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad for the feast of Saint Sergius last week:

You may watch the patriarch’s visit to the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom in Kiev:

Here is the patriarch’s visit to Saint John the Baptist in Moscow to bless the church after renovations:

There is a Church and World segment devoted to Orthodox relations with the Roman Church:

Here is coverage of Patriarch Kirill’s visit to the Pacific submarine squadron base. Imagine what Brezhnev would think!

Lastly, you may watch a documentary about Kirill’s enthronement:

What we have been witnessing in Russia is a miracle. The skeptics point to the degradation of Russian society and to the persistance of atheism and of spiritual apathy in the old Communist bloc. Rejuvenation is slow, but it is happening. Consider simply that no one would have believed you had you described Russia today to folks thirty years ago. Praise be to God!

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, October 12, Anno Domini 2010
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