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Monday, January 31, A.D. 2011
Ressentiment Noir

Lawrence Auster recently discussed a post from Stuff Black People Don’t Like about race relations in contemporary America: “What is Black Run America?” Auster corrects the blogger, noting that the various social and political injustices that the blog attributes to blacks are rather due to white Leftists. Auster moreover proposes an explanation for the baffling increase of black hostility towards white America since the civil rights movement (“An exchange on Black Run America”):

Liberalism says that all racial and ethnic groups are equally endowed with intelligence, and prohibits any disagreement with that idea, on pain of the destruction of one’s career and place in society. But in reality blacks are significantly less capable than whites and significantly more badly behaved than whites according almost every socioeconomic indicator that matters. Since liberalism holds that all groups have the same abilities, and requires that everyone believe that all groups have the same abilities, the inferior performance of blacks cannot be due to their lesser abilities and aspirations; it must be due to some force outside themselves. And since the Civil Rights movement established it in people’s minds that whites are guilty for all black problems, the idea of white guilt continues to be applied today. Blacks’ lesser performance and outcomes are caused by something whites are doing to, or failing to do for, blacks. Whatever the specific bad thing whites are doing, or whatever specific good thing they are failing to do, it always comes down in the end to white racism. White racism is the cause of black failure.

Therefore, even as blacks, or at least the black elite, keep gaining more and more privileges and power and recognition, blacks’ overall performance as a people does not improve. As a race they remain as far behind whites as ever (or, because of greatly increased illegitimacy and related disorders, all unleashed by liberalism, they are even farther behind whites than ever). The upshot is that blacks have more privileges and power and recognition than ever, even as their actual inferiority in abilities and performance is as great as ever. What this means is that the gap between blacks’ expectations of equality with whites, on one hand, and their actual performance compared with whites, on the other, has vastly increased. The gap between black expectation and black outcome has increased, and so blacks’ anger against whites increases, even as their power and their opportunity to express that anger and to have it heeded by whites has increased.

And this is why, the better off blacks are, the angrier at white America they become.

Standard American conservatives, whom Auster labels “right-liberals,” cannot understand why blacks’ racial animosity continues to mount, even though whites’ racial animosity (not to mention white race consciousness of any kind) continues to decline and even though a good deal of American political and social energy for the last fifty years has been spent on blacks to ameliorate their deplorable condition, which all right believing people attribute to slavery, segregation, discrimination, and the general depravity of blue eyed white devils. I think that Auster offers a sensible explanation, though I suspect that the Gramscian Left’s incessant stoking of ethnic grievances is responsible for much antipathy, as well.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, January 31, Anno Domini 2011
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