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Thursday, November 29, A.D. 2012
Phallocratic Sitting

Scandinavia in general and Sweden in particular appear to be nearing the Ragnarok of the leftist insanity spiral. Swedish feminists (sic) have instituted “gender reprogramming” in the nation’s schools and commercial marketing, they have called for a ban on urination while standing up, and they have redefined laws on rape to such an extent that a woman may later claim that she silently refused to engage in sexal activity, which would retroactively render the act “rape.” And the American Left balked at Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment! These daughters of the Vikings have introduced a new gender neutral pronoun to replace gender specific pronouns—and not just in ambiguous situations like the Anglophone “h’or sh’it” innovation. The Swedes are mad and madly destroying their society; I sometimes wonder if they ever ceased to be anything but decadent pagans. . . . No, Sweden’s contemporary sickness betrays a fallen Christianity. Pagans could never be so blind to nature.

Yesterday, I discovered yet another sign of their ticking time bomb of social neurosis: Macho in Public. It is a site wherein Swedish women post pictures that they have taken of men who slouch on mass transportation. Vice’s Nathalie Rothschild interviews the site’s owner My Vingren in “Swedish Feminists Are So Bored They’re Telling Men How to Sit on the Bus.” Rothschild reports:

Yet some Swedish women apparently think that the image of the Nordic country as a feminist’s paradise is just a veneer hiding deep-seated misogyny. Their evidence? Men slouching and taking up more than one seat on buses, trains, and subways.

To counter this “normalized expression of power” (that’s what they call slouching), a group of firebrand feminists have set up a blog called “Macho i Kollektivtrafiken” (“Macho in Public Transport”), encouraging readers to send in sneaky snaps of men in relaxed poses. The aim is to spread awareness of a “symbolic and active recreation not just of power, but of a stereotypical form of masculinity.”

Do Swedish women really feel threatened by men who slouch on the subway? Can this seriously be construed as a feminist issue? Do feminists today really view women as weaklings who are traumatized by straddle-legged passengers and who don’t have the guts to tell men to scooch over? It’s tempting to suggest that the women posting pictures of slouching men online should grow a pair, and point out that feminists have fought hard to shake the image of women as thin-skinned victims off and to prove that women have agency, gumption, and power.

I would rather believe that the site is an outlet for Swedish perverts to gaze at men’s laps, but I fear that the delicate Swedettes are sincere. Old fashioned lust is far more acceptable than such a twisted understanding of human society. In the interview, Vingren voices a lot of powerspeak inanities that made me hate college English courses forever.

VICE: Your blog claims that men who take up more space than they physically need when using public transport are practicing an “invisible and unconscious expression of power in an everyday, public space.” Can men oppress women without even knowing it?

My Vingren: Absolutely. I think one of the most problematic aspects of having such an extensive power structure is that a lot of people aren’t even aware that how they act affects others. The fact that men get more space in classrooms, at board meetings, and so on, is part of a structural oppression that not everyone knows they’re taking part in.

What kinds of reasons do men tend to give for taking up more space than women on subways, buses, and trains?

It’s everything from “scrotum sweat is unpleasant,” to “I have the right to sit comfortably,” and “it’s physically impossible for me to sit differently because I have a penis.”

What would you say to those claiming that, in the grand scheme of things, this issue is a “luxury problem”?

My point is that this is part and parcel of the kind of oppression that leads to women being raped, getting lower salaries, and being exposed to violence in relationships.

How does your campaign fit into the history of the feminist struggle for equality?

To talk about space, about who takes and who gives space, I think is a big part of feminism.

Sweden has a reputation abroad as an egalitarian society, almost a feminist paradise. Isn’t that true?

No, it’s not. I work with rape victims so I often see the dark underbelly of our country. Of course, we have reached many goals and women have more choice today than they did 30 years ago, but we are far from equal.

Do you think women can stand up for themselves?

Yes, I’m convinced they can. But I think it’s more effective for girls to work together for change rather than every individual girl having to resolve power-structural issues.

Don’t women have the guts to confront men and tell them to move over, please?

I don’t think women and girls can cope with that. They choose not to take on that battle.

What do you think would happen if a woman told a man to move over? Have you or anyone you know tried?

It’s hard to say how men in general would react. In order for any change to happen I think men need to realize themselves that change is needed.

It seems like many people think your blog is a joke. Why is that?

I really don’t know.

Will the blog make a difference?

Of course, we’re going to change the world.

I would like to emphasize that Vingren states, “My point is that this [slouching] is part and parcel of the kind of oppression that leads to women being raped, getting lower salaries, and being exposed to violence in relationships.” Ponder what a nightmarish brew of ideas must percolate in that nutty Norse noggin. It is most unsettling to contemplate.

Not explored in the article is how leftist ideology—feminism in particular—has rendered traditional etiquette obsolete and has led to widespread neglect in the formation of boys so that they usually become effeminate wimps or feral cads. Also not mentioned is that Sweden’s “legitimate” rape statistics have skyrocketed over the past few decades due to the importation of Africans with a decidely different understanding of sexual relations.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, November 29, Anno Domini 2012
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