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Wednesday, June 13, A.D. 2012
Peucetia viridans

I discovered the green lynx spider—Peucetia viridans—this week. I mean I did not discover it as English botanists discovered orchids around the world. I simply read about it on Dave’s Garden. Being intrigued by its beauty, I went on a web video binge to see more of this lovely arachnid. I found the following backyard video:

I thought about the cuteness of the babies right before the man commented about it, which led naturally to a hearty laugh. It is funny how we find similar thoughts, words, and actions in others so surprising and amusing. It happens so frequently, and yet we persist in the belief that we are so different and alone. I think that it must be symptomatic of the fall.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, June 13, Anno Domini 2012
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