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Tuesday, March 24, A.D. 2009
Perverted Trolls

Arimathea has been online for almost six months, and I am happy to report that the number of total combined page hits is 18,418. 3,449 of those hits were for the main index page, and the remainder consists of the various thematic weblogs and permalinks. Sadly for my ego, only seventeen comments have been logged, and several of those are my responses. I could delude myself by thinking that after I post an entry, nothing further could said about an issue, but I would then be a fool. Far more likely, the lack of comments suggests a lack of interest in my rambling.

Until this week, Arimathea had not received any trackbacks. I was not even sure if Expression Engine’s trackback mechanism worked. Well, it surely does function. For the past several days, I have noticed trackbacks from different I.P. addresses to my “Christ Is Born!” post. Normally, I would be elated to have trackbacks, though confused that someone would be remarking about a Christmas post in late March. As it is, I am fairly annoyed and somewhat horrified. For each of these trackbacks leads to some perverted YouTube channel featuring various bestiality videos. I infer the content from the trackbacks’ descriptions; I certainly did not visit the sites. I would be shocked that such a thing existed anywhere on the internet, but I have received so much bizarre spam over the years, I have come to the conclusion that the web leads to any conceivable content. I once received an e-mail advertising “grandma barn porn.” I shudder to think what that possibly means. On a search engine, put in any three relatively common words, and you will find a site. The world holds many messed up folks.

However, I am surpised that YouTube has bestiality channels. I have read several accounts of YouTube’s shutting down conservative sites that feature Ann Coulter interviews or documentaries on militant Mohammedanism, but animal rape is fine with them? I suppose that it is possible that no one has reported such channels to YouTube’s administrators, yet. After all, who would visit “teendogsex” who is not already sympathetic to such activities?

Moreover, I am confused that these channel owners make trackbacks on a blog entry about Christmas—titled “Christ Is Born!” I have deleted these trackbacks for the last several days, and I cannot understand why they keep appearing. The basics of marketing tell us to speak to our audience. Is there something about the celebration of Christ’s birth that corresponds to this filth? Perhaps, there is a bot that simply makes trackbacks everywhere on the web, and it happened to find my Christmas post somehow. I looked over my post, and the following words could have triggered the bot: “Virgin” and “young Child” from the kontakion for the feast. I wish that I were kidding. O wretched earth . . .

The other disconcerting evidence of cultural decay that I have found through Arimathea involves my list of referring pages. This list shows the pages from which visitors to Arimathea come. An inordinate amount of visitors stumble upon my “Boy Movies” post from search engine queries. Somehow, I suspect that those queries were not seeking coming of age films, especially when the query terms include “fine body.” So, Arimathea manages both to attract bestiality pornographers and to disappoint trolling paedophiles. I never expected such diversity in the reading audience.

However, these facts confirm the old marketing adage that sex sells. Perhaps, I should strive for double entendres in my titles, like my “Man Candy” post. My poetic abilities are quite limited; so, I am not sure that I can manage such creativity. One must set goals for himself, though. When I cover a local Virginian autumn harvest festival, I can title it, “Endless Goat Action,” or when I comment upon a contentious debate, I may name it, “Heated Man on Man.” My page hits will skyrocket.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, March 24, Anno Domini 2009
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