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Wednesday, January 26, A.D. 2011
Permutations in the Press

Yesterday, I wrote about my experience at the March for Life this year. Another thing that I noticed was the media’s account of the march, at least when the press decided to mention the march. The coverage in The Washington Post particularly surprised me. The stories were actually examples of reporting! They covered the march in a neutral manner that one should expect of journalists—as a political event of importance. They ran pictures of normal looking people who actually represent the marchers. They included no snide remarks or exaggerated attention given to opposition commentary. It was as if the press woke up Monday and finally did its job of presenting the news!

This should not be shocking, but I have witnessed the twisted media coverage of the march for decades. I hope that the recent change reflects a permanent reorientation of reporters regarding the march’s coverage. I wonder why, though, it finally happened. Have media outlets finally begun hiring a more politically diverse staff, trying to escape the echo chamber of which Bernie Goldberg writes? Has the success of Fox News led to such changes? Are journalists embarrassed by and thus newly conscientious to the charges of bias and damning episodes like the JournoList affair? Has the popular shift toward prolife positions convinced the media that perhaps prolifers are not religious fanatics, after all? Or are the leftist journalists just tired and disheartened by the current political climate? I do not know, but I see it as a hopeful sign.

Given the topic, I would like to share another Der Untergang parody, wherein der Führer reacts to Olbermann’s departure from MSNBC:

I wish Keith well as he tries to find another million dollar job suitable for his personality and his ag. college communications degree.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, January 26, Anno Domini 2011
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