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Monday, January 12, A.D. 2015
Paula Chang

Christ is born!

As I was reading my Dave’s Garden newsletter last year, I had to look up what a mandoline slicer was. I found an explanatory video by Paula Chang, and then I happened to follow the link to her page, Quite Curious. She is one cool chick. See, for instance, her Great Falafel Costume. Who wouldn’t want to dress as a falafel sandwich for Halloween? Or her bunny burger (“A Burger for Bunny,” for my fellow vegetarians who presume the worst). The post documents Chang’s creation of a deluxe burger meant for, and enjoyed by, her pet rabbit. Very clever.

When I sent the bunny burger link to my brother Aaron, he one-upped me, as he is wont to do, by responding with a hamster burrito (courtesy of HelloDenizen):

I used to think that my mother’s dogs were spoilt.

Anyway, I am glad to know that people like Paula Change exist. Many future successes to her for her quirky creativity!

Posted by Joseph on Monday, January 12, Anno Domini 2015
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