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Monday, March 21, A.D. 2016
Patriarch Kirill’s Sermon for the Sunday of Orthodoxy

I hope that the Lenten season continues to be an occasion of blessings for you. Also, I hope that Western Christian readers have a beneficial Holy Week.

Below is the Patriarch of Moscow’s homily for this past Sunday of Orthodoxy. Fitting for the feast day, the patriarch’s words are direct and needed.

You may watch some translated portions here and here.

As I have repeatedly mentioned, I am so pleased with Patriarch Kirill’s shepherding of my Church. Though Patriarch Kirill looks exactly like one of my uncles, I had worried that he might succeed the late Alexy as the Patriarch of Moscow, knowing that he represented the modernist, ecumenist wing of the Russian Church. He did get the post, but my anxiety was pointless. Our fringe lefties seem better than many of the West’s traditionalist stalwarts. Ἄξιος!

Posted by Joseph on Monday, March 21, Anno Domini 2016
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