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Thursday, May 8, A.D. 2014
Orthodoxy in the Mormon Zion

The Salt Lake Tribune published an article this week on the latest Orthodox temple to be built in the Hive: “Utah’s newest Russian church built on faith, secret donation.” The story includes a photograph of Saint George Russian Orthodox Church‘s new home. The style strikes me as a Russian spin on Mormon architecture—a bizarre but often oddly attractive way of combining traditional and modernist elements. Maybe some parishioners are converts from Smith’s religion and have brought their L.D.S. marketing savvy with them. Who would have thought it possible that Russians could mormon Mormons—and in their own backyard!?!? From my “Questionable Misogyny” post:

Mormons seem to be bred or well trained to appear similar to whatever you espouse. They regularly exhibit an image quite akin to whatever you say so that you come to see their religion as recognizably familiar to your own. I have even coined the verb, “to mormon” someone, which means to trick others into thinking that one is similar to them when one is quite different. Perhaps, Mormons developed this behavior as a survival mechanism, which then became useful as a missionary tool. Besides a smile, a well-groomed Mormon kid’s chief artillery consists in, “We, too.” That is how the children of Lehi reel in the wary, and then they keep them in the tent with healthy family and community lifestyles: L.D.S. Strategy 101.

Христос воскресе!

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, May 8, Anno Domini 2014
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