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Monday, July 25, A.D. 2011
One of Us?

On Saturday, conservative web sites expressed a collective groan after learning about the Utoya Island massacre, akin to the dismay that American Jews felt when the Bernard Madoff scandal broke. Minority groups that feel themselves to be unpopular and persecuted often concern themselves with the bad actions of a wayward tribesman, fearing that the pitchforked masses might get riled up enough to start a pogrom. In the West, it is not the masses that conservatives fear but rather the elite stationed in government and media positions that will use any excuse to silence and to intimidate their political enemies. You know, the folks who never want a crisis to go to waste. We witnessed this maneuver recently after the Tucson shooting, especially in the noxious attacks on the tea partiers. I wrote about the sordid reaction in “The Madness”:

Let me simply say how troubled I am by the public reaction. It is not that the wicked deed itself is not disturbing, but I acknowledge evil as a painful yet constant fact in our fallen world. The reaction, however, indicates something peculiar about our contemporary society. It is as if America today were Kosovo—a divided land with mutually antagonistic ethnic groups that interpret every passing event through the distorting lens of hatred. Yet, this division does not lie along America’s racial fault lines but rather along ideological ones. This past decade has offered so many of these moments that I have lost confidence that the American regime will outlast my generation’s lifetime. That is a radical statement, and perhaps I would think differently had I seen the madness of the Sixties’ cultural revolution. Yet, I think that the great unraveling is still ongoing, and the dissolution of our society will be the consequence. I hope that I am wrong, but I do not see how the United States can survive.

Many conservatives fear that the Norway killer Anders Breivik will make it easier for Leftists to paint rightwingers as dangerous. What they forget is that the ideological Left will manipulate any story or event to their advantage. Had the perpetrator been yet another Mohammedan, in a very, very long line of jihadist terrorists, then the Left would still have laid the blame on Westerners. It does not matter what happens; for the Left, the blame always falls to whites, Europeans, Americans, Australians, Christians, Jews, the middle class, Republicans, tea partiers, or whichever group is their objet de haine du jour. If Leftists cannot pin an atrocity on the Right directly, then they excuse the violence of the Other by attributing causation to Western bigotry or to the lack of accommodation and understanding of the aliens that the Left has imported into our midst. Reflect upon the global violence that occurred after the Danish cartoons. Leftists did not blame the riots, violence, and murders on savage third world tendencies. They did not trace the mayhem to the essence of Mohammedanism as clearly instructed in its sacred texts. Rather, they attacked the insensitivity of Western cartoonists and their failure to embrace multiculturalism. Consider Timothy McVeigh, whom the Left has used for the past sixteen years as their poster child for the “extreme right.” Scores of leftwing organizations have waged terror on American soil for generations, and yet we must not question the patriotism of Democrats who keep friends like Bill Ayers or wonder why people like him have positions at prestigious universities instead of rotting in prison. Jihadist organizations have attempted (and occasionally succeeded) to kill Americans at home and abroad for decades, in addition to creating havoc around the world, and yet Western apologies and self debasement are the mainstay of political and academic engagement with Mohammedans. Think about the organized crime of the Latin American drug cartels that have brought the nations to our south to their knees and how their encroachment into hispanicized America has rendered portions of our country war zones. Yet, the authorities hesitate to bring law and order to the “shadows” of colonized America because they fear the rhetoric of La Raza race hustlers. Note the reticence and paralysis of our government authorities and media institutions regarding the incessant criminal warfare of the black underclass toward white Americans—what Lawrence Auster calls the low-level black intifada.

Despite the overwhelming numbers that indicate where threats to national security and domestic tranquility originate, our anti-white, traitorous government continues to use a small handful of characters like Timothy McVeigh and the few abortionist assassins to paint traditional Americans as the real enemy within. Conservatives fret in vain over the Left’s addition of another blond public threat. In his absence, the Left could always conjure up another Emmanuel Goldstein or recycle McVeigh ad vitam aeternam. Examine the statements and records of such thoughtful federal officers as Janet Reno, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano to see how disconnected from reality Leftists are. For the most recent dose of their idiocy, watch the latest terrorism video of the Department of Homeland Security. These are the same people who pervert statistics to lessen Hispanic crime and to increase white crime by categoring Hispanic criminals as white, though the vibrant newcomers to our national diversity are counted as their own group in matters of affirmative action, disparate impact cases, and other opportunities for the racial Marxists to commit injustice against white Americans. The dishonesty thereby minimizes, to the extent possible, the gulf between rates of black and white criminality.

Truth matters not to Leftists; it is all about power and strategies to increase power for them. Conservatives should not worry about maintaining a clean p.r. image; it is hopeless when Leftists will do anything to crush their enemies and when they control the main organs of public information. Rather, the sane voices of the Right should fearlessly continue to present our indictments of Leftist ideas and policies that are destroying our civilization.

Update: This topic continues in “Breivik a Monster?”

Posted by Joseph on Monday, July 25, Anno Domini 2011
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