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Monday, December 10, A.D. 2012
Obama’s Soviet Mistake

My parents were raised during the Cold War. They appear to be psychologically unable to see Russia as anything but the Eternal Menace to truth, justice, and the American way. So, whenever I argue that, for the last two decades, Russia has been moving toward a healthy, sane society while these United States of America have slouched ever more toward Gomorrah, my father erupts into a neocon media informed rant about Putin. Old habits die hard.

Despite this widespread disbelief, Marxism’s fertile plain is not Russia or even the still officially Communist Chinese Republic. Rather, the Soviet New Man finds his home in the decadent West with its nihilism and its vulnerability to soft (but ever hardening) totalitarianism. It is therefore with some ironic delight that I offer Xavier Lerma’s articles “Obama’s Soviet Mistake” and “Communist Victory Amerika” from the Russian Commies’ Pravda (!). Lerma appears to be Russia’s version of Ann Barnhardt.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, December 10, Anno Domini 2012
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