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Friday, November 16, A.D. 2012
Obama Is Black

Steve Sailer has understood and explained Obama as a man, politician, and socio-political force better than anyone whom I have read. Unlike most writers who treat Obama’s biography, Sailer is honest and frank about taboos that render contemporary Americans blind and stupid, especially ethnicity.

Having read and thought about Sailer’s ideas for years, it occurred to me this summer that Obama is black because he has a leftist world view. Obviously, I do not mean that Obama’s ideas and convictions have determined his ethnic constitution. I mean that, decades ago, Obama the half-Old American Kansan and half-Kenyan, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii under the tutelage of old leftwing W.A.S.P. forbearance, decended from old leftwing W.A.S.P. forebears, and educated as any Yankee bred prep, traveled to Chicago to insinuate himself into the Negro community of perpetual grievance. He became a race man, not by blood or birth, but by conviction.

American blacks tend to be leftists, or at least they hold enough leftist values to heed leftist manipulators. In a predominantly European derived society, blacks tend to cluster on the left side of many socio-economic bell curves. They are an ethnic proletariat, which makes them susceptible to leftwing agitators. In them, American Marxists have found a plentiful supply of useful idiots. Blacks are leftists because they are black. Yet, Obama is no follower of Alinksy because of his color. The causal relation is the reverse. Obama identifies with the black community because he is a radical. Obama is like the parody white, kufi-wearing Dr. Fingeroot in the Old Negro Space Program, but no one sees the absurdity because Obama looks black.

Sailer has made this point in various ways a hundred times, but it only clicked for me earlier in the year. Evidently, other folks see it more easily. I had been intending to write this post for months, but what finally occasioned it, besides the recent electoral catastrophe that has forced me to think about the president, was Richard Spencer’s post of a humorous Chris Rock “campaign” video: “Our SWiPL President.” Obama is a S.W.P.L. guy. On a related note, Sailer published an article on Vdare earlier in the year about Obama’s literary tastes, “The Sunday Newspaper Test of Presidents,” wherein he comments upon the waspiness of Obama’s preferred reading. I would not be surprised if Obama shopped at Whole Foods before he became president.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, November 16, Anno Domini 2012
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