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Thursday, December 6, A.D. 2012
Novena Solene

Puxa! The new liturgical movement has their work cut out for them in Brazil. Below shows the scriptural entrance on the third day of this year’s novena at the National Basilica of Aparecida:

The hot blooded Brazilians celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Aparecida com o espírito muito, but should clowns, albethey angelic, accompany holy writ? You may view dozens of videos of the novena’s peculiar liturgical practices online.

Ah, those Brazilians . . . their masses sacriliciously remind me of the Brazilian children’s program featured on The Simpsons episode, “Blame It on Lisa.”

By the way, feliz festa de São Nicolau for those of you on the new calendar!

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, December 6, Anno Domini 2012
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