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Wednesday, September 30, A.D. 2009
Nancy and the Astroturfers

I found an interesting picture essay from early August on Looking at the Left, “Nancy and the Astroturfers.” In it, the photojournalist writes about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to a Denver clinic. He shows how “Obamacare” protesters showed up with their own signs to make their brownshirt presence known to America’s most powerful political woman. He then covers the arrival of organized Democratic operatives, who take back those streets from the mean, racist white folk who are sick of giving the government’s money to the government.

Of course, the Leftist thugs have not paid taxes—remember, they are tax eaters, not tax payers—so I am not sure why they think that they are entitled to horde America’s public turf and discourse for themselves. Yet, after fifty years of entitlement habituation, we can begin to understand their mentality.

The writer’s point is that the Left projects upon its opponents the thuggish behavior in which they engage and excel. If only there were a right wing conspiracy of traditional white nationalists who truly opposed the managerial state of soft totalitarianism! If only American conservatives would aggressively promote their interests to counter the parasitic socialist legions that draw their nourishment from their enemies! If only Sean Penn had reason to be afraid that the government would arrest him for treason! I sincerely wish that the Left’s paranoid fantasies were true. Then, we would have a fighting chance of preserving the republic. Alas, we only have aggrieved and worried bourgeois folks who are increasingly becoming aware that they have been screwed for a few generations and that it is only going to get worse. Maybe, just maybe, Nancy, Barry, and friends are sowing the seeds of the right wing conspiracy of the future. Perhaps, such is their worry. I am too much of a pessimist to harbor expectations, but there is always hope.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to see the Left’s revolting organized manpower this summer when my cousin visited Washington for a health care rally. She is ironically a union representative, and labor sent her to D.C. to stand in a rally in the Senate parks. As I was waiting for her, I was horrified by the swarm of cattle being whipped by their masters. I understand that crowd control is necessary in any rally or demonstration. However, I have been in dozens of marches for life in Ohio and in Washington, which were much larger than the small crowd in the Senate parks. Yet, we prolifers are never treated like idiots by the march organizers. The marches are pretty civil affairs with little trouble or bossiness. The extent of such inordinate control comes from Capitol Police officers who either hate our cause or are annoyed at having to be outside all day in January. I suspect the latter. With the small health care rally, the “handlers” acted more like slave plantation overseers. Granted, the crowd was overwhelmingly low class and black, but I would have expected much more respect by the Left for these favored victims of the Left. It confirmed once again my opinion that Leftists simply view poor blacks as useful idiots. Like the slave masters of old, the Left uses their bodies as instruments to do their bidding. At least, the poor folks received a free lunch from the Corner Bakery. They probably got some cash on the side, as well. My cousin had a lot of complaints about the rampant incompetence and corruption that she constantly witnesses in her union and in union cooperatives. Instead of doing what they are supposed to do—advocate fairly for workers—they are simply political muscle for the Democratic Party, as well as serving as cash cows for crooked operatives.

Not all of the rally cattle were poor blacks. There were some aging white hippies there, too. Yet, the rally was overwhelmingly female. There were few men there, and the ones who did show up did not look very masculine. Perhaps, that is why such strong arming was tolerated. Are women comfortable in being treated like slaves? For all their empowerment whining, they are willing tools for collectivist overlords.

It is remarkable how the media portray the Left as trendy and attractive. The propaganda machine presents the Left as the coastal elites’ fashionable club, and I suspect that such manipulation has an effect on the university crowd. For most college students, or at least most students who are concerned about the world, are Leftists. This may be due to their indoctrination or immaturity, but it also may be in part due to the media’s portrayal of the Left as chic. I wish that such duped folks would look at actual Leftist politics. From the Democratic National Convention to protests to union tactics, the Left appears like thugs and swamp monsters, with dirty, uneducated, fat people screaming about things of which they are totally ignorant. If you compare such with conservative activities, the difference in style is shocking. I suppose that such is the truth behind the Left’s accusations about “Brooks Brothers” protesters. If Nancy imagines the great unwashed to look like the folks who usually show up (for money) for the Left’s political activities, then she must assume that protests of normal, middle class Americans who shower must be furnished by greedy, corporate America.

That is not to say that there are not overweight, frumpy, and confused folks at the so called tea parties. There certainly are, as Americans are on the whole fat, tasteless, and ignorant. Such is to be expected. Yet, they are overall quite respectable, bourgeois folks. Yet, if you compare Leftist activities to conservative ones, such as prolife marches, the contrast is vivid. The D.C. March for Life is composed mainly of teenagers and grandmothers, and except for the exuberance of youth, they are very polite, self controlled, and decent. The average marcher is someone that you would feel fine in inviting to your house for dinner. Leftist activities, on the other hand, are full of low lives and subversive types—people that you would refer to the free clinic for hep. C meds. They are loud, rude, and obnoxious; in short, they are thugs. So, the party of fashionable people turns out really to be the party of the underclass, as the Democrats proudly say—very low class people, indeed. Like the Gracchi of old, the socialist elitists are posers of magnanimity who are generous with the other wealthy competition’s money. They thereby manipulate the masses in order to get ahead of other well born folks like themselves. The filthy masses are merely their stepping stones. Verily, demagogues are the most despicable kind of tyrants.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, September 30, Anno Domini 2009
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