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Tuesday, September 21, A.D. 2010
Mollifying Muslims, and Muslifying Mollies

Molly Norris, the promoter of “Everybody Draws Mohammed Day,” has gone into hiding because of death threats by the friends of Mo’. Mark Steyn comments on the latest consequence of the West’s welcoming the Mohammedan hordes with open arms: “Mollifying Muslims, and Muslifying Mollies,” which offers the following observation:

It is a basic rule of life that if you reward bad behavior, you get more of it. Every time Muslims either commit violence or threatens it, we reward them by capitulating. Indeed, President Obama, Justice Breyer, General Petraeus, and all the rest are now telling Islam, you don’t have to kill anyone, you don’t even have to threaten to kill anyone. We’ll be your enforcers. We’ll demand that the most footling and insignificant of our own citizens submit to the universal jurisdiction of Islam. So Obama and Breyer are now the “good cop” to the crazies’ “bad cop”. Ooh, no, you can’t say anything about Islam, because my friend here gets a little excitable, and you really don’t want to get him worked up. The same people who tell us “Islam is a religion of peace” then turn around and tell us you have to be quiet, you have to shut up because otherwise these guys will go bananas and kill a bunch of people.

I have often wondered if the Mohammedans were the perfect medicine to treat the West’s post-Enlightenment pathologies. Such a visible and proximate threat may be what is necessary to shock decadent Westerners from their nihilistic slumber and return them to life. Jihad as societal defibrillator?

For more images of the “holy prophet” [sic], visit the Mohammed Image Archive.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, September 21, Anno Domini 2010
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