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Wednesday, February 22, A.D. 2012
Mitchell and Webb Vicar

I would like to wish my friends and family in the Roman Church a blessed Ash Wednesday; may your lenten season be beneficial.

For us, though, Maslenitsa continues, and here at Arimathea levity abounds.

I offer today a delightfully sacrilicious video from That Mitchell and Webb Look that I found on the Orthosphere (rated PG/PG-13-ish):

Maybe it is due to quality filtering, but it seems that British comedy is wittier than American fare in general. As in “Conservative Atkinson,” British leftist entertainers appear to understand their targets far better. Therefore, their parody is so much more humorous. The proposed reactionary vicar really does represent our peculiar demonic temptation. The twits deserve the treatment that he gives, though probably he should less caustically and more clearly distinguish between error and the poor souls who persist in such error. Yet, the man of the cloth’s job is the salvation of the flock, not merely indictment. The honey versus vinegar principle remains in effect. Still, the video is cathartically hilarious.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, February 22, Anno Domini 2012
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