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Wednesday, April 3, A.D. 2013
Medieval Cats

Happy birthday to my mother, who inculcated in me a love of God’s creatures.

Last month, I came upon a charming story about medieval cats and their mischief: “Paws, Pee and Mice: Cats among Medieval Manuscripts.”

The article is instructive in many ways. I learnt, for instance, a useful curse:

Pessime mus, sepius me provocas ad iram; ut te deus perdat. [Most wretched mouse, often you provoke me to anger. May God destroy you!]

I’ll have to try that for the voles who nibble my bulbs. I cannot find the vernacular Latin for vole, but the genus name is microtus. Equidem pessime microtus.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, April 3, Anno Domini 2013
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