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Friday, October 17, A.D. 2008
McDonald’s Racist Advertising

In the midst of America’s most frank discussions of race in perhaps decades due to the presidential campaign, I am posting many entries that touch upon race relations in the United States. I would do this, anyway, as ethnicity, group awareness, and the distinctions of “own” versus “other” endlessly fascinate me. I also like to discuss matters that I find to be most dishonestly addressed in our society. It is a sad commentary on the backbone and integrity of our culture that only in comedy are such matters openly discussed in the public square. Of course, the comedian does not deliver logos, but he presents an instructive image that provokes thought and offers catharsis from the lies and infantile restrictions that respectable American society has placed upon itself; e.g. the most respectable journalistic outlets in the country consistently employ the “n- word,” as if the American public should be addressed as little lambs. That an derogatory ethnic term should have the same hallowed power as the Tetragrammaton for our impious heathen is instructive about our fittingness—and worthiness—to survive. So, in this land barren of fortitude and common sense, let the clown arise to address the crowd and speak truth to sorriness. For we should remember that Aristophanes proved much wiser than most in his understanding of the human condition.

Moreover, I hate taboos and, like Alcibiades, I generally enjoy defacing the idols of the tribe. In this spirit, I offer the hilarious but R rated commentary on McDonald’s painful attempts at pandering, um, I mean, niche marketing: (you have been warned about the content)

This is an actual McDonald’s commercial:

Snap! Of course, a business is going to target its audience. Instead of poor black kids, let us say that you wish to target buppies with MBA’s who still cling to youth culture:

Or, say, you want to appeal to globalist buppies who majored in Diaspora studies:

White people like this commercial, too, as Africa (sans warlords, genocide, famine, and pestilence) is pretty much the coolest place on earth.

Except possibly Japan . . . When you want to reach contemporary Japanese folks, you use creepy but stylish femininity:

And in Japan, even the men can be disturbingly Vogue chic androgynous:

At least McDonald’s can have fun with its multicultural dabbling, as in this funny Bollywood-in-Québec fusion ad:

Are you lovin’ it?

Posted by Joseph on Friday, October 17, Anno Domini 2008
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