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Saturday, April 4, A.D. 2009
Maverick Philosopher

I have discovered quite a gem on the internet—the site of the Maverick Philosopher. It is manned by Dr. Bill Vallicella, a retired philosophy professor who shares his insights and musings on the blog. Unlike most blogs, however, Dr. Vallicella makes sense.

One of my longtime annoyances with academia is its insularity. Naturally, the wise do not consort with the many; it is usually a waste of time. Nonetheless, the universities are full of so many intelligent, profound, and decent folk, it is shocking that our public discourse staggers along without them. Perhaps, the media and political powers that be just do not find them interesting—or intelligible. I do not know. It does disgust me, however, to see so many charlatans pose as public intellectuals when I know of dozens of professors that I have had as teachers who put them to shame. Indeed, there are so many brilliant and insightful Roman Catholic intellectuals in the United States, I wonder why they rarely venture into the public square. With no discourtesy intended to the late Fr. Neuhaus, there is a small army of men like him in our land. Why, then, aren’t they engaged with the culture? They may not take the popular background noise of American discourse seriously, but they then allow the barbarians to storm the city gates, each and every day. Alasdair MacIntyre and Robert P. George could use some assistance. Even if our wise owe the regime nothing, the Christians among them should condescend to engage the culture out of a sense of charity.

Posted by Joseph on Saturday, April 4, Anno Domini 2009
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