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Thursday, November 22, A.D. 2012
Lizzie Velasquez

Happy Thanksgiving to my American compatriots!

On this day of feasting and gratitude, we should count our blessings, especially being mindful of the many gifts that we always overlook.

Several months ago, I learnt about Lizzie Velasquez. She cannot gain weight or body fat; there are only three known current cases of her condition. On Miss Velasquez’s page, you may read about her extraordinary life and see the obvious challenges that she faces each day. Despite such, she has quite the spirit. The word is clichéd and Oprahesque, but it is certainly le mot juste here: young Velasquez’s story is inspiring. Watch the videos. I wish that every self-pitying teenager in America could spend a few days with the Velasquez family. It would be a good intervention for their souls.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, November 22, Anno Domini 2012
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