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Tuesday, June 26, A.D. 2012
Kitty Copter

A few weeks ago, I came upon one of the most entertaining stories that I have ever seen online “Cats away! Artist turns his dead pet into flying helicopter after it is killed by a car.” The accompanying photos to the Daily Mail piece are alone worth the visit—and the photographer deserves a raise.

It seems, however, that my delight is somewhat peculiar. The comments to the story are pretty negative, and most folks think the story and its content are in poor taste or downright wicked. Maybe, I find too much pleasure in the absurd or indulge too readily in dark humor, but I think that pretty much everything about the article is fantastic, and I say that as someone who does not hate our feline friends. Do not miss the video!

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, June 26, Anno Domini 2012
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