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Friday, October 7, A.D. 2011
John Safran versus God

I recently discovered John Safran’s Australian antics, and I find his comedy interesting and funny. I especially like his John Safran versus God series, where he, an apparently lapsed Orthodox Jew, explores various aspects of the world’s religions. His segments on Mormons are enjoyable. In the first, Safran attempts to pitch a movie idea—xtreme Mormons—to L.D.S. filmmakers.

Safran also lets the horse out of the barn in examining Magic Masonic Mormon Underpants:

You may also see what happens when Safran knocks on doors in Salt Lake City to spread the bad news of atheism. It is a bit obnoxious, but so are strangers who interupt family dinner, I suppose. More clever is Safran’s “The Pope versus the Dalai Lama”:

You learn a bit more about Tibetan Buddhism than you need to know.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, October 7, Anno Domini 2011
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