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Tuesday, May 21, A.D. 2013
Jesuit Pope

Cristo ha resucitado!

Latin week continues on Arimathea with some posts concerning the papal election. A few days before Pope Francis was elected, someone tweeted (twit?):

If a Jesuit was elected pope, we would finally have one loyal to the pope.

Shouldn’t it have been, “If a Jesuit were elected pope . . .”? Anyway, it was funny and prescient—though the young guys, S.J., seem to be alright. Nonetheless, allow me to indulge in some Jesuit schoolboy humor:

Si tu cum Jesuitis,
Non cum Jesu itis.

For more Jesuit jokes, go to Catholic Resources. I learnt most of them as a young man.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, May 21, Anno Domini 2013
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