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Tuesday, May 8, A.D. 2012
Israelis and Jewish Americans

Cristo è risorto!

Last month, an Israeli-American graduate student at Johns Hopkins, Yael Miller, wrote two interesting pieces for Haaretz about how Israelis and Jewish Americans see each other:

“Why Israelis don’t understand Jewish Americans”


“Why Americans don’t understand Israeli Jews”

The “p.c.” (sic) tyranny that Miller has experienced in graduate school in Maryland may not be the most accurate representation of American Jewry. Regardless of their region of origin, American Jews tend to push the boundaries of our ridiculously narrow “acceptable discourse.” Even leftist Jews appear to abjure political correctness (sic), at least for themselves.

Moreover, who doesn’t check to see if the eggs are broken when he buys a carton? Does Miller think that we’re all schlemiels over here?

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, May 8, Anno Domini 2012
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