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Tuesday, December 31, A.D. 2013
Israeli Arab Christians in Uniform

Last week, several news outlets published stories about an effort to get more Israeli Arab Christians to volunteer for the I.D.F. You may read Fox News’ article, “Push to recruit Israel’s Arab Christians in the military splits the community” or “In Arab Israel, a battle over Christian conscription” and “Despite threats, threefold rise in Christian IDF enlistment” in The Times of Israel. Evidently, an Orthodox priest in Nazareth has created controversy by encouraging members of his flock to join, which has triggered some backlash from other Arab Israelis. I hope that the priest’s efforts cultivate good fruit. The more the Arab minority invests itself in the common good of the Israeli state, the more both Jews and Arabs will be inclined toward mutual trust and goodwill—and consequent peace—in the holy land. Moreover, minority military recruitment will facilitate the success of the “one state solution” about which I wrote last year in “West Bank Woes.” Concerning which, I watched a news documentary about the West Bank earlier this month that suggested that Palestinian youth have rejected the two state dream of their parents and grandparents. Instead, many want full citizenship in Israel with the right to live, work, and travel from the Mediterranean to the River Jordan. I wish them well in A.D. 2014. Many blessings to you, too, in the new year.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, December 31, Anno Domini 2013
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