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Wednesday, April 29, A.D. 2009
Iranian Children’s Cartoon

The Middle East Media Research Institute—MEMRI—is quite a useful resource if you wish to peer into the dysfunctional culture of the Middle East. It features newspaper articles and television footage from the Levant and from its neighboring infidel lands that serve to remind any naive Westerner that they really do not hold the same opinions or values as we do, that they really do see Americans as Satanists, and that they really wish to kill off the Zionist apes and pigs—إن شاء الله.

If you ever find yourself in a queer mood with a taste for the bizarre and absurd, then I recommend spending some internet surf time on MEMRITV, where you may watch subtitled videos of Mohammedan sermons, human interest stories where women beam with pride as little girls recite Jew hatred, and—my favorite—children’s television programming that encourages violence and terrorism. It is fascinating material.

One of the first items that I ever watched on MEMRI was an Iranian cartoon about the poor, persecuted Palestinians and the barbarous, inhuman Israeli soldiers. I saw it called on the web an Iranian After School Special: How to Become a Suicide Bomber. That is fitting. Note how the Star of David might as well be a skull and bones. Here it is on YouTube, as MEMRI seems to have archived it.

As a propaganda piece tailored to children, it is well made. I particularly appreciate the handing of the baton in the form of the bloody keffiyeh scarf. If you want to inculcate a love of insurrectionist terrorism in the youth against those bloodthirsty Jewish oppressors, this type of cartoon certainly works. Of course, there is no substitute for that personal teacher to student soldier relationship and for mandatory readings of the inspired Koran in Madrasahs.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, April 29, Anno Domini 2009
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