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Tuesday, May 17, A.D. 2011
Ioannes Paulus II in Ephemeris

I have noticed over the last year that The Washington Post is gradually becoming a real newspaper with divergent viewpoints and extensive coverage, where journalists report on matters, such as religion and the prolife movement, in an informed and even sympathetic way. The former WaPo spirit ignored such topics or approached them in the most hostile manner. Now, the newspaper features guest columns by Rod Dreher and Fr. John Zuhlsdorf! Maybe, former Wall Street Journal man Marcus Brauchli’s taking over the executive editor position at the Post has brought some balance to the paper. If things continue this way, we could see Diana West end up on the staff. One may hope.

Fr. John Zulhsdorf’s article is a pious eulogy for John Paul II on the occasion of his recent beatification: “Pope John Paul II: Fearless in hope and love.” While I have many objections to his pontificate, John Paul II was a formidable force who accomplished much good. May he rest in peace, may his foolish decisions come to naught, and may the seeds that he planted in wisdom grow and blossom.

I would also like to thank Ephemeris for providing a good Latin name for a daily paper. It is a news site in lingua latina.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, May 17, Anno Domini 2011
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