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Wednesday, June 17, A.D. 2009
Interesting News Items

Thanks to a link from Lady Ann, I discovered the smile inducing “Interesting News Items” today, a sort of Onionesque parodying of current events that refuses to treat the Left with soft gloves. Consider, for example, the recent “Jews Confirm Rev. Wright Being Kept from Obama,” “Armless Latina Judge Wiser than Sotomayor,” and “Cabinet Offers to Pay Back Taxes.” Not every post deals with politics or current affairs; I especially enjoyed “Home Depot Employee Fired for Answering Question,” having experienced such a work ethic at Home Depot countless times.

GALLUP, NM - A Home Depot worker was terminated today for directing a customer to the correct aisle. “I feel bad,” said manager Raul Fesca. “But Jerry knew the rules.” The worker, Jerry Sorber, said he was bored. “Whenever a customer approaches, I remember my training and either walk away, get on the phone, or laugh real loud with another worker. But today I wondered what would happen if I listened to someone. Guess I found out.” Fesca states that while customers are welcome, they can be a nuisance. “We can’t have people distracting our staff from restocking shelves and bonding with each other. It’s just not good business.”

Home Depot must be the employee feeder pool for K-Mart and Northwest Airlines.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, June 17, Anno Domini 2009
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