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Wednesday, October 1, A.D. 2008
In the Beginning . . .

Welcome to Arimathea, the online presence of me—a Cincinnatian named Joseph. Now, I know that every Tom, Dick, and Harry has an internet site these days. So, why should I clutter cyberspace with yet more armchair philosophizing? Well, I expect that the only folks likely to read this page are my family and friends, but I sometimes have a need for mental catharsis. Moreover, I egotistically figure that someone else might appreciate my ideas every now and then.

My knowledge of web design is rudimentary at best, but I have been learning. I still cannot figure out how to make the feeds work, and I expect that I shall tinker with the layout and code in perpetuity. However, I am going to start posting; torpedoes and faulty url paths be damned. If you find that the layout does not appear comely in your browser under normal monitor conditions, or if you find broken links, please let me know.

The basic structure of the page is a series of “weblogs” dedicated to various themes. You can access these different topical realms on the left side menu. Within each topical realm, there are various categories. The main page on which this entry is posted will serve for personal and site news. Each realm has its own imported feeds, links (“blogroll”), and patron saint. The general patron saint for the page, as for me, is Joseph of Arimathea, naturally.

I always appreciate friendly or thoughtfully critical comments. There are nutties swarming about, though; so, please only use your first name. Cheers!

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, October 1, Anno Domini 2008
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