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Monday, December 8, A.D. 2008
Guess Who

One of my favorite rock bands is also perhaps the most under appreciated group in popular music—The Guess Who. Perhaps they were dogged by being Canadian, which is no slight disadvantage in life, or perhaps people got them confused with Britain’s rebellious superstar band, The Who. Maybe, Randy Bachman took all the fame to B.T.O. Regardless, they have not garnered the acclaim that they deserve.

As with many bands, I do not have a favorite song by them, though “Laughing” is a fine ditty.

I like Burton Cumming’s voice, as well as the group’s harmonization.

The Guess Who’s most well known hit is either “These Eyes”:

Or “American Woman”:

For the less charitable, there is “No Time”:

It’s misanthropic, but I find it rather catchy. The fan video is annoying, as they almost always are.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, December 8, Anno Domini 2008
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