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Monday, March 31, A.D. 2014
Grumpy Orthodox Cat

This past weekend was the fourth Sunday of Great Lent, on which day the Church commemorates Saint John of the Ladder. Saint John is most remembered for having written The Ladder of Divine Ascent, a classic on spiritual formation. The most common icon for Saint John depicts a memorable scene where the souls of monks are attempting to climb a ladder to heaven while demons try to knock them down.

Recently, I discovered a silly but humorous Tumblr account—Grumpy Orthodox Cat. If you feel like a Lenten laugh, enjoy. If you know many Eastern Europeans, you will likely know someone who shares an eery resemblance to our faithful feline. In honor of Sunday, I present Grumpy Orthodox Cat’s commentary on the monks’ frequent failures and falls (into hell, or at least spiritual setbacks).

It is too bad that Grumpy does not condescend to post more often.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, March 31, Anno Domini 2014
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