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Friday, January 29, A.D. 2010
Gringo Donovan Runs for the Border

A current television commercial for a Mexican lottery game has troubled the sensitive feelings of some hyper-estrogenized North Americans. The advertisement features American soccer player Landon Donovan as an illegal alien who sneaks into Mexico to play the lottery game, which is only for Mexican citizens. Evidently, the commercial is quite popular among the Mexican masses (who, unlike their and our cultural elites, have a sense of humor), as it plays with comic inversion upon the immigration issue as well as indulges in the Mexican obsession with fútbol.

I am heartened somewhat to think that the Leftist bureaucrats who rule our two nations have less credibility among Mexicans than among “Anglo” Americans. Eventually, even little white boys and little white girls in pristine Vermont won’t abide by their idiocy. Nature has a way of self correction, and the sheer lying nonsense of the politically correct [sic] tyrants will eventually exhaust the patience of long suffering Americans.

When the revolución comes . . .

Posted by Joseph on Friday, January 29, Anno Domini 2010
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