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Monday, July 8, A.D. 2013
Grand Stupid Party

Thomas Bertonneau has shared Paul Gottfried’s new site, The Gottfried Report, on The Orthosphere. As a regular reader of Gottfried’s articles elsewhere, I look forward to enjoying his site. Among the first entries are two that excoriate the idiotic Republican leadership (and, by extension, their enablers—their voters), “No, This Is Not Watergate” and “Kicking A Bad Habit” In the former, Gottfried writes:

Lest I forget to mention the obvious, the GOP fully deserves its approaching second-class status as a national party. Every congressional or presidential measure that led to this situation was enacted with Republican approval. Whether we are looking at the Twenty-Fourth Amendment, banning the poll tax in January 1964, the Voting Rights Act in 1965, and its subsequent extensions and amendments, the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 and the Amnesty Act passed under the Reagan administration, GOP Congressmen voted in at least the same numbers as, and sometimes even more than, the Democrats, to create our present electorate. Never missing a beat in the march toward a multicultural electorate, the GOP not only gave us a voting rights act in 1965 that provided for mobilizing a large black, Democratic voting bloc. GOP Congressmen and presidents have run to extend and broaden the surveillance of districts thought to be “suppressing” minority votes in order to ensure an optimal unfriendly turnout on Election Day.

It is impossible to imagine our current leftist electorate without noting the Republican contribution to this hostile force.  And I don’t stand with those demonically possessed GOP partisans who think their party hasn’t done enough to serve the other side’s constituency. Nor do I share the view of those Republicans who feel minorities have been ungrateful to their past benefactors. Rather I hold the view that Republicans are getting exactly what they deserve, as a party of fools.  Until now they’ve been happy as clams to strengthen their enemies without any thought for their future.

It is not for nothing that Republicans are called the stupid party.

Posted by Joseph on Monday, July 8, Anno Domini 2013
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