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Wednesday, July 16, A.D. 2014

My youngest brother is one of Google’s true believers. He uses that company’s myriad of services despite its creeping totalitarian intrusiveness and KrebStar-like ubiquity. I no longer share his robust appreciation. In the early days, I used to have Google’s search engine as my homepage because it was admittedly the best option. I have long since moved to DuckDuckGo, but I still respect the quality of Google’s services. I admire Google’s ambition and éclat; Brin and Page dream big and actualize their vision. Moreover, I have a supergenius friend who works for Google, and he speaks highly of its corporate culture. Nonetheless, my inner Infowarrior and neo-Luddite finds Google’s technolatry and transhumanist associations repellent and frightening.

Unfortunately, it appears that Google has also become an obnoxious, humorless bully in addition to being an architect for a dystopic future: “Google scolded for ‘polite trademark bullying’ of parody site.” A group of German activists had some witty fun at Google’s expense, but the company was not amused. Enjoy their parody at Google Nest (or rather at the linked mirror sites since legal action loomed).

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, July 16, Anno Domini 2014
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