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Wednesday, January 1, A.D. 2014
Gifts That You Have Not Given

Happy civil New Year’s Day! I wish those who follow the new calendar “Merry Christmas” during their twelve days and my own folks a blessed Advent. The feast of the Nativity is almost here. Accordingly, there is still time for us latter folks to get the following gems to bestow upon our loved ones. For those who give on the American commercial frenzy from last week, there is always next year. Behold—socially conscious board games for budding Trotskyites and young professional activists: EcoChoices cooperative board games, which I discovered when reading Dan Gainor’s “Goofy ‘Green’ Gifts for the Tree Hugger in Your Family This Solstice Season” (very helpful suggestions). Gainor focuses on a beauty, as described on the page:

New America. Given our economic and social problems, this game is prophetic. Players act as Research and Development teams trying to redesign North America’s Social-Economic System before it’s too late. The focus is on Energy and Resources, but all fields are explored. Whatever the interest, this game tries to address it.

Very suitable for thinking friends, high school and college classes. Designed to provoke discussion among mature, thinking people!

In all honesty, I would love to try these games—but then, again, I enjoy engaging the enemy on his home turf.

Happy holidays!

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, January 1, Anno Domini 2014
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