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Wednesday, April 30, A.D. 2014
Generosity from Abroad

Americans have become accustomed to think of themselves as the only people in the world who donate to charity. There is something to that belief—Americans do have a strong philanthropic and volunteerist heritage, and the great wealth of the country’s citizens have allowed them to store up some treasure in heaven by giving it to others in need. Yet, that giving spirit lurks abroad, as well, as can be seen in the following Russian news story about a toddler who is waiting for a heart transplant in Cincinnati: ”Первый канал и Русфонд призывают помочь девочке, которая срочно нуждается в пересадке сердца.”

It is strange for me to see a Russky news story that covers my hometown.

Rusfond had already raised a half million dollars to send the child to Cincinnati, and they received another four and a half million dollars from Russian viewers following the broadcast. Such is enough to help the little girl and dozens of other children.

Христос воскрес!

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, April 30, Anno Domini 2014
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