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Sunday, January 11, A.D. 2009
Gaza and Jew Hatred

Yesterday, Mark Steyn posted an article on the National Review Online“The Oldest Hatred”—about the rise of attacks upon the Israelis’ kinsmen in the West. He mentions just a handful of incidents that have occured since the Israeli military retaliated against Hamas’ firing rockets into Israeli civilian areas in December. Jonah Goldberg discusses the situation a bit more in his Los Angeles Times editorial, “Who’re the real Nazis?”, where he notes how frequently the state of Israel is depicted as the Third Reich in its actions of self-defense.

From London to Fort Lauderdale, there are protests against Israel’s allegedly genocidal actions, though these events feature no small showing of genocidal calls for the destruction of Israel, Jews, Zionist pigs, and the like. I would comment about hypocrisy or cognitive dissonance, but I hold human beings generally to be irrational and idiotic. So, a protester against supposed genocide who wishes real genocide upon his enemy is not that surprising. Even in the USA, these events have been marked by calls such as, “Go back to the oven! You need a big oven, that’s what you need!,” “Nuke Israel,” and “Death to the Jews.”

Now, I have not drunk any Zionist Kool-Aid; you can read my thoughts on rabbinical Jews in general in my post, “Those Jews.” I do not hesitate to criticize Israeli policies or Western rabbinical Jews when they deserve it. Yet, there is a significant difference between criticism and “Go back to the oven!” Moreover, I find it disturbing that the genocidal cries of terrorist sympathisers do not alarm Westerners. We have imported fanatics into our midst, who threaten our peaceful and usually quite productive fellow citizens, and we patronizingly allow them to spew their bile without criticism.

I watched the following video, and I choked when the program reported, “American Outrage.” [Update: The original video has disappeared, but I found a similar one without media commentary about “American outrage.”]

My visceral reaction was, “These people are not Americans; do not state that Americans are outraged at Israeli self-defense.” I suspect that many fellow Americans would agree. However, those pre-1965 days have long been lost to history. On paper, at least, they are indeed Americans—an increasingly meaningless designation in our multicultural age.

Let us remember that one of the most basic responsibilities of government—and one of the justifications of the state—is defense from foreign aggression. Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Mohammedan, Palestinian, and Arab terrorist groups have been waging war upon Israeli citizens for decades. They flout the conventional rules of war. They target civilians and use civilians of their own as shields. They enlist women and children in their terror campaigns. With each compromise or concession made toward them—with each step for peace achieved by the Israelis—they strengthen their own hand, bide their time, and then renew their terror. They do not want peace; they want Israel’s annihilation. They openly and frequently state such.

Why does anyone sympathize with them? The West does not deserve its heritage, its wealth, or its power if it has lost its moral compass to such an extent that it holds Israeli self-defense comparable with Palestinian terrorism. I certainly find it horrible and savage that innocent civilians are dying in the Israeli onslaught. However, I do not blame the Israelis but the Palestinians for bringing such upon themselves—they have continuously thrown their lot with lunatics and monsters, generation after generation. Justice is upon them whenever the Israelis retaliate. I only wish that the West could stomach Israel’s finishing the job—though we no longer have the fortitude or the manhood to see done what needs to be done to eradicate subversion and terrorist breeding hostility once and for all . . . not ethnic cleansing, but something quite close. The Israeli military should take complete control of Gaza, imprison or execute all subversive elements, and issue an ultimatum to the survivors: “Peace, economic investment, trade, and potential self-rule (down the road) are all possible if you recognize our right to exist as a state and as a people and if you cease all hostile actions. We will not tolerate any more aggression. You will seal your own fate.” There should be no apologies, no mercy beyond that reasonable offer, and no hesitation to crush Palestinian enemies into submission.

Leftist apologists for Arab and Mohammedan terrorists think that such a response would only breed more terrorists and more hostilities. Such only occurs with mediocre retailiation. The spirit of the intifada must be utterly destroyed. There is no reasoning with unreason, and the hatred that such men have for the “apes and pigs”—for the Zionist infidels—is not amenable to reason. They understand only the sword, and they should have to meet it. Give them their martyrdom straight to hell.

Posted by Joseph on Sunday, January 11, Anno Domini 2009
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