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Wednesday, February 25, A.D. 2009

On this Western day of penance, I wish my Latin friends a beneficial Lenten fast.

Quite far from the meaning of Ash Wednesday, I also want to publicize the short film, Fitna, directed by Dutch politician and “fatwah survivor” Geert Wilders. Wilders has been on Mohammedan terrorists’ hit list for several years for his liberal criticism of the religion that Mohammed founded. Such should not surprise anyone who has been following current events for the last three decades. What is shocking is that Wilders has run into several problems with Western governments. The Dutch state has charged him with hate crimes, and the British government has denied him entry into the United Kingdom for similar reasons.

Here is an interview with Wilders by Russia Today.

Is Wilders a neo-fascist thug? No, he is a liberal, and he dislikes the European right. Is he a terrorist? No, he is the leader of a mainstream Dutch political party. Has he spread lies about Mohammedanism? Of course not; why would anyone resort to slander when the truth is so interestingly damning? His “hate speech” film Fitna merely reproduces words of and footage from the news and the Mohammedan world. For this, he must live in constant danger of the barbarians. For a film that is but a mirror to the grotesque absurdity that many call Islam, he has been prosecuted, ostracized, and demonized by a Western world that no longer tolerates open expression—especially when uncomfortably true.

You may watch Fitna online (graphic):

You may also wish to watch Obsession, as well:

For how long will Westerners remain ostriches?

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, February 25, Anno Domini 2009
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