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Thursday, October 1, A.D. 2009
First Anniversary

Arimathea today celebrates its first anniversary. I actually did not get everything up and running until the third of October last year when I found a site host, but who cares about small details? When we allows ourselves to indulge in the narcissism of the age, we can confidently dispense with minutiae.

The statistics are modest but respectable for a personal web site.

Total combined page hits: 51,294

Permalink page (for individual posts): 13,784
Main (introductory) page: 8,425
RSS feed link: 7,271
Comments: 4,411
Philosophy realm: 3,430
Music realm: 2,232
Religion realm: 2,211
Fun realm: 2,083
World realm: 976
Nature realm: 864
Arimathean realm: 817
Commerce realm: 785
Links: 560
About: 386
Archives: 360
Atom feed link: 287
Acknowledgments: 178
Categories: 94
Fonts: 68
Smileys (for comments): 66
Search with results: 62
Search page itself (as opposed to searching from another page): 16
Search without results: 8
Comments preview: 9

The stats must be a bore to everyone but me. I personally like to see how people read my page. I am surprised that so many people have clicked on the comments pages, though there have been so few comments. The current number is only fifty-three, though I have likely deleted a score. Still, it means that visitors click on pages with no comments frequently, as I cannot believe that so many people have clicked on the few posts with comments. I figure that many people click on the comments page as a form of permalink even when there are no comments. They must do this out of habit, as most blogs do not have separate permalink and comments pages. I have thought about combining both of them to meet the standard format, which might generate more commentary, but I like the look of a clean post page with no comments or comment form.

The order of realm popularity is not that surprising, either. However, I wanted to see how closely the popularity matched the number of posts. One would assume that the realms with more content would invite more hits, but visitor interest must play a role, too. Moreover, a realm would draw hits just for its existence, as a visitor does not know how many posts each realm has from the main page. So, here are the realms with the number of their entries and the number of their hits:

In the order of the number of posts:

Philosophy realm: 120 | 3,430
Religion realm: 71 | 2,211
Fun realm: 59 | 2,083
Music realm: 52 | 2,232
World realm: 27 | 976
Nature realm: 19 | 864
Commerce realm: 9 | 785
Arimathean realm: 8 | 817

In the order of popularity:

Philosophy realm: 120 | 3,430
Music realm: 52 | 2,232
Religion realm: 71 | 2,211
Fun realm: 59 | 2,083
World realm: 27 | 976
Nature realm: 19 | 864
Arimathean realm: 8 | 817
Commerce realm: 9 | 785

As expected, the philosophy realm came in first in both categories, as it is the page’s realm for aesthetic, anthrological, epistemological, ethical, metaphysical, physical, and political content. The music realm proved to be more popular than the religion and fun realms, though it had less posts. For a more rigorous analysis, I divided the number of realm hits (13,398) by the number of posts (365, one for each day), which gives us a mean of about 36.71 hits per post. The averages and deviations for the realms are:

World realm: 36.15 hits per post (-0.56)
Fun realm: 35.31 hits per post (-1.4)
Religion realm: 31.14 hits per post (-5.57)
Music realm: 42.92 hits per post (6.21)
Philosophy realm: 28.58 hits per post (-8.13)
Nature realm: 45.47 hits per post (8.76)
Commerce realm: 87.22 hits per post (50.51)
Arimathean realm: 102.13 hits per post (65.42)

Such gives us a standard deviation of almost 31.73, if I remember statistics correctly, though the Arimathea and commerce realms skew the result due to their small number of posts. Clearly, their relative popularity is driven by links from the main page.

The page also has had 916 non-spam referrals, with the largest source of traffic coming from search engines, especially Google. On such engines, the page regularly comes up as the second or third result with “Arimathea” as the search term. Take that,!

The site’s costs have been quite reasonable. I have paid $33.09 in the last year, and such includes the domain registration and an e-mail service. NearlyFreeSpeech is an excellent and inexpensive host if your site does not get much traffic. If you want a cheap blog with its own domain name and with maximized control, it would behoove you to consider NearlyFreeSpeech and ExpressionEngine software.

Anyway, thank you for visiting my third incarnation as a blogger. It may not be much, but it could be worse.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, October 1, Anno Domini 2009
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