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Thursday, February 27, A.D. 2014
Feminist Abstract

You may have learnt about the upcoming conference at Villanova University, “Feminism: Body, Image, Power.” I know that you have already registered and booked travel and accommodations for this excellent opportunity to appreciate the best in modern scholarship at a venerable Roman Catholic instituition founded by the Order of Saint Augustine. Unfortunately, though, it might be too late for suitable presenters like Kristor Lawson, Mark Richardson, Lydia McGrew, and Edward Feser to prepare papers. Fortunately, a good friend of mine intends to speak, and he gave me permission to share his abstract:

I’m going to present “Deconstructing Feminism: The Insidious Myth of Gender.”  In the paper, I argue that feminism has a phallocratic assumption at its very heart, the assumption that the human race contains within itself persons who may be uncontroversially identified as wymyn.  In the past, feminism has concerned itself with the study of wymyn, the celebration of the perspectives of wymyn, and the advancement of opportunities for wymyn, all of which presume the existence of wymyn as an identifiable class.  I argue that because gender is fluid, multifold and transcends traditional categories, feminism’s focus on the supposed class, “wymyn,” has only continued a backward looking, patriarchal scheme of categorization.  This realization calls for a more authentic feminism that embraces persons as they are, whether male-bodied or female-bodied, and refuses to force them into antiquated gender categories.

I also worry about the XX-normativity of traditional feminist discourse, which reminds me of a commentator’s broad minded response to Steve Sailer’s post, “V-Day.” I think that the reader’s proposals would make a fitting companion conference for Villanova to sponsor next.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, February 27, Anno Domini 2014
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