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Tuesday, April 26, A.D. 2011
Faces of Man

Happy Bright Tuesday! Christ is risen!

The Postnational Monitor has posted several entries on “face averages.” I do not know how it works, but there is computer software that combines pictures of human faces and “averages” them. You may evidently average any facial set that you wish, and the posts mostly deal with national sets. The results are rather attractive, as the averaging process smoothes out the blemishes and facial assymetry that we usually find ugly. By considering national sets, we are able to see the facial particularities of the different ethnicities. In the following posts, you can see the composites for various nations of the continent or region listed.


The Americas

The Middle East to the Subcontinent

The Orient


Dienekes’ Anthropology blog has scores more posts about facial averages.

You may also see composites for more selective groups. Consider the average modern actor:

Or the “hot celeb”:

Or the average Bollywood actress:

All facial composites are average, but some facial composites are more average than others.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, April 26, Anno Domini 2011
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