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Wednesday, June 29, A.D. 2011
Expansion of the Police State

I have occasionally written about my disgust at the American (non)reaction to the federal government’s security overreach, especially in regard to the Transportation Security Administration. See “American Mandarins,” “Sexual Assault at the Airport,” and “TSA Checkpoint.” Now, we read in Mother Jones that Napolitano’s toady John Pistole has requested funds to increase the number of roving squads of Homeland Security personnel who will impose air travel’s gate rape regime on other forms of mass transit. Since Christmas, I have been using Amtrak and buses to avoid the jackbooted fondlers; I may have to start renting cars for my trips back to the heartland. I thought that we wanted to encourage people to use more efficient and responsible forms of transportation. When will the people revolt?

Mother Jones?, you say. As I wrote in “American Mandarins,”

It is interesting that the forces eager to cripple American liberty originate on the Left and on the Right, both of which are willing to sacrifice American freedom to their other pet projects (such as socialist leveling or police state law and order). Similarly, we find that the American Civil Liberties Union and traditionalist American institutions (those old paleocons) oppose the slide to an increasingly Orwellian society. Shall we say that totalitarianism and opposition thereto are bipartisan endeavors?

I do appreciate some of the truly liberal concerns of the Left. The American Civil Liberties Union, Ralph Nader, and the Greens are useful allies in the fight against the all encompassing corporatist police state that reduces people to pegs in a machine. If these people would only realize that their social liberalism contributes to civilization’s disintegration, which justifies government intrusion in life to reimpose order. We needs laws of the heart backed up by cultural standards to avoid having so many laws on the books backed up by the threat of state violence.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, June 29, Anno Domini 2011
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