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Wednesday, March 12, A.D. 2014
Even the Baptists?

Last month, my father sent me a link to a Fox News story about a Wisconsin Baptist college’s decision to drop its mascot and athletic teams name: “Christian college drops ‘Crusaders’ nickname in bow to ‘global society.’” From the article:

Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown and its Division III athletic teams have used the name since its founding in 1968. Matt Davis, the university’s executive vice president, said no complaints have been received by the school and stressed that it coincides with its name change from Maranatha Baptist College in December.

“But I also agree that times change and we understand that context changes,” Davis told “Our world has changed since 9/11 and we’ve become a more global society with the Internet. The heartbeat behind this was not political correctness, but expanded opportunities for our students.”

I responded to my father:

Spineless. As John O’Sullivan remarked, unless an organization is explicitly and intentionally traditional/conservative, it will eventually bow to the leftist Zeitgeist. Ditto for life and child-rearing. All succumbs to the spirit of the age if there isn’t a concentrated resistance.

Some folks may roll their eyes and dismiss such a change as trivial, but I think that it is symptomatic of a greater illness. Religious sects not explicitly anchored by a treasured and lived tradition will flesh out their necessarily limited creed, doctrine, or scripture by incorporating parts of the host society. In this, they are more like a virus than a higher organism—they parasitize the larger culture. When that greater society is generally healthy, then their enculturation is not so troublesome. However, as American society becomes more and more heathenish, casual “Christians” continue to transmogrify into creatures not recognizable as such. Men must on principle reject the follies of the age lest they become afflicted by them.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, March 12, Anno Domini 2014
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