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Wednesday, January 20, A.D. 2016
Esolen on the Subhumanities

Due to this site’s inactivity, a significant backlog of commendable articles that I wish to share rests in my bookmark files. For instance, I had wished to discuss Laura Kipniss’ “Sexual Paranoia Strikes Academe” as well as Kipniss’ ordeals subsequent to that essay, but The Chronicle of Higher Education has moved the article behind a paywall. If you are not aware of l’affaire Kipniss, you may wish to research it online. Shocking—but perhaps not, as we are increasingly conditioned to accept contemporary nonsense as normal.

Speaking of campus desolation, Anthony Esolen has a fine piece in the Intercollegiate Review (from the Fall 2013 issue) on the reductionism rampant in humanities departments: “The Subhumanities: The Reductive Violence of Race, Class, and Gender Theory.” Esolen argues that the current obsession with the postmodern trinity of “race, class, and gender” blinds readers to the works that they are apparently trying to understand.

Indeed, the entire point of postmodernism seems to be blindness—for sight is oppressive. Seeing that which is outside the self affects the self, and we must not allow our fragile egos to encounter ideas or horizons to which we do not consent. Why, such would be epistemological rape!

Esolen, reactionary troglodyte that he is, must know the pain of being dragged from the cave of one’s own choosing. Why would he wish such unpleasantry on anyone?

To answer that question is to refute pomo-ism in its totality, and it is why the XQTLBGFYZ-theoried folks cannot understand Esolen’s criticism.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, January 20, Anno Domini 2016
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